Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering Research Center


Efficient and effective industrial development requires a fundamental shift in the way products are produced based on knowledge and data management. In the current era of Industry 4.0, data is considered the “new gold,” and those who can process it effectively will dominate the market. Artificial systems developed on data-driven principles have a competitive edge, as they can perform tasks that may be impossible for humans but are feasible and secure when executed by machines.  

The AI and Data Engineering (AIDE) Research Center was established to conduct research, development, and implementation of artificial intelligence and data engineering using cutting-edge methods. The aim is to address the needs of both society and industries in Indonesia, enabling them to compete globally in areas such as defence, security, health, environment, and energy. 


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Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering (AIDE) Research Group 

Faculty of Engineering Universitas Indonesia 

Kampus Baru UI, Depok 16424, West Java