AI for Health and Medical Imaging


Dr.Eng. Mia Rizkinia

This field focuses on AI model development and applications to address issues in the health and medical imaging domain. The processed data can take the form of tabular data in the health and medical fields, as well as image data from various imaging modalities commonly found in healthcare services, such as MRI, USG, PET, CT, and X-Ray. The aim of the topic is to provide AI model to support a decision-making of the user in the domain.  

Representative of outcomes


Design of Microwave-based Brain Tumor Detection Framework with the Development of Sparse and Low-Rank Compressive Sensing Image Reconstruction
Author: Sholeh H.R.; Rizkinia M.; Basari B.


Published in: International Journal of Technology (Volume 11(5))
Page(s): 984-994
Date of Publication: 2020
DOI: 10.14716/ijtech.v11i5.4329