Business and Operational Intelligence for Decision Making


Prof Isti Surjandari, M.T., M.A., PhD.

Dr Arian Dhini, S.T., M.T.

Zulkarnain, S.T., M.T., D.Sc.

This research focuses on studies utilizing business-related data using data analytics approaches to produce business insights. Technology-driven data generation in business has created opportunities for applying analytics in the big data era. Business intelligence (BI) employs data mining techniques: advanced statistical methods and machine learning, delivering actionable information and enabling decision-makers to make informed business decisions. 

Representative of outcomes


Extreme learning machine – radial basis function (ELM-RBF) networks for diagnosing faults in a steam turbine
Author: Dhini, A., Surjandari, I., Kusumoputro, B., Kusiak, A.


Published in: Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering 39
Page(s): 572–580
Date of Publication: 2022

Designing a Permissioned Blockchain Network for the Halal Industry using Hyperledger Fabric with multiple channels and the raft consensus mechanism
Author: Surjandari, I., Yusuf, H., Laoh, E., Maulida, R.


Published in: Journal of Big Data 8
Date of Publication: 2021