Compact Biomass Gasifier

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Compact Biomass Gasifier is a multipurpose and efficient biomass gasifier with 10 kW for a variety of purposes, such as drying, electric generation, and clean combustion. Compact Biomass Gasifier running combustion system using biomass fuels, such as rice husks, coconut shells, wood, dry leaves, corn cobs and other biomass.

This gasifier is using downdraft type, which is a gasifier with a low tar content and efficient for small scale. Biomass gasifier requires biomass with a capacity of 10 kg/hr for the operation. After going through various stages of research from 2015, in 2017 it gasifier is ready to be produced and applied the original parts of Indonesia.

In the future this gasifier will be applied in various agricultural areas in Indonesia in cooperation with various farmer cooperatives, agricultural companies, and electric generation companies in the country.