Floating Solar Photovoltaic

floating pv

Floating Solar Photovoltaic is a system of products that implement the installation of photovoltaic solar farm on the water or floating. This is to reduce the cost of leasing land and suitable to be applied on the beach or the sea Indonesia is a maritime country. Floating Solar Photovoltaic has been applied in Bungin Micro Grid with a capacity of 720 Wp as a TREC FTUI field laboratory.

The system is usual as the Solar PV generation, but the difference is the special PV mounting float on the water that has been adapted to the conditions in Kampung Bungin waters. In addition, water can also cool the PV will continue to be researched by a team of TREC FTUI. Please note that Floating Solar PV in Bungin Micro Grid is the first application in Indonesia.

Going forward, TREC will cooperate with PV manufacturing operations in Indonesia to researching and implementing Floating Solar PV with a larger capacity.